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In a "standardizing everything" world the difference and request is getting more and more strained between a "standard-template-based" and "custom-made" project.

I am specialized in custom made branding-, graphic-, web-, outdoor-, software-, ambient design and strategy.

Custom made means, that I am not only providing you lots of ideas about how you can improve your business with custom graphics and programs, but I also can apply these ideas in the requested style.

There is an expression "look'n'feel" which means that you look at something and you feel a certain way. Observing an enthusiasm on my clients face when they are looking at my work, makes me think they feel what they expected to feel.

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I am focusing on development of simple, high impact brand identity and creating, attractive, simple and user-friendly interfaces.

Over the 11 years of experience on this profession, I have built a good reputation, beeing a person who is friendly, easy to work with and who is carefull at details.

I graduated a University of Design where we were specialized to learn how to create different designs of different fields of life even if we dont know anything about. "Tasting" the real life after this, it taught me that things are a little bit different :)

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My portfolio contains works which are curently active and still in use.

It is organized in different categories for easier browse:
Theatre, Museum & Castle  |  Institution & Organisation  |  Real Estate & Hotel  |  Product Presentation  |  Travel  |  It, Software & Internet  |  Antidrug organisation group  |  Business  |  Personal  |  Portals  |  Health  |  Gaming  |  Advertising  |  Institution Section Series



Whatever questions you have about projects or any design categories, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to provide answers, suggestions, advice or even guide you through the process.


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